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I am dedicated to assisting you to heal, develop healthy coping skills, and ultimately grow in your ability to navigate life’s challenges. My style is warm and emphatic with a focus on fostering a collaborative therapeutic relationship where you feel engaged, empowered, and safe to explore issues and life experiences that may be contributing to difficulties. I use an integrative theoretical approach which allows me to honor and tailor services to your unique concerns and needs.

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I am aware of the courage it takes to reach out for help. I applaud you and today you are one step closer. Whether you’re feeling hurt, stuck, unfulfilled, want to change an unhealthy pattern, or ready to do more than just survive life’s challenges, there’s hope. As we engage in the process of increasing awareness, conquering challenges, and healing we can truly thrive, unleashing our full potential to excel and enjoy life. Through the development of a collaborative therapeutic relationship we can work together to achieve your goals.

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